Friday, 30th October, 2015 12:49 PM : Lanarkshire Mosque are proud winners of the Queens Award, the top award available to a voluntary organization

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We are open to visits, especially from Schools for educational purposes.
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About Us

Lanarkshire Muslim Welfare Society was established through the efforts of five local Businessmen, Aslam Baqir, Gulam Siddiquie, ***,*** & *** in 1980 and for the first six years the local mosque was in a house in Main Street Holytown.

In 1986 the Lanarkshire Muslim Welfare Society purchased a building in Carfin (Cleland Road) and converted it to a Mosque. For 18 years (1986 – 2004) this was the main mosque in Lanarkshire. Initially, the Islamic classes were taught at the mosque but as the number of children attending these classes grew the classes were moved to a local High School, Taylor High School.

Due to the increase in the size of the Muslim Community in the Lanarkshire area, the Lanarkshire Muslim Welfare Society decided to build a Mosque that would provide enhanced facilities to the Muslim community. The mosque in Carfin didn't have enough room, classes were taken elsewhere and there was no car park and this lead to the decision to build the Lanarkshire Central Mosque.

In 1997 the Lanarkshire Muslim Welfare Society located a site and commenced taking donations. After eight years the Mosque opened in 2005 at the cost over two million pounds. The mosque is now open, all but for the car park, which is currently under construction and should be completed in February 2006.

In the future there are plans to build a community centre at the same site. The Lanarkshire Central Mosque will not only serve the Muslim community, but also will, Insha'Allah be the focal point in Lanarkshire for Da'wah.

The educational purposes will provide our youth and our children with a solid understanding of the holy Koran and Sunnah of our blessed Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) and the fundamentals of Islam.

A lot of effort has been emphasised on the education and reformation of the Muslim Youth. In addition, other projects have commenced to assist the worshippers and the larger community we serve.

  Lanakshire Mosque stared as in a small house

As the community got bigger we bought a unused church anf this was our home for years to come

As the community go even bigger, a purpose built mosque was constructed

The Dome getting put on

Lanarkshire Mosque at the present day


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