Friday, 30th October, 2015 12:49 PM : Lanarkshire Mosque are proud winners of the Queens Award, the top award available to a voluntary organization

Mosque Visits

We are open to visits, especially from Schools for educational purposes.
To arrange a visit, please click the link below.

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Sports Development

Ladies Only Fitness Classes at Lanarkshire Mosque as part of the Sports Community Hub!

Tuesdays 11am - 12pm: Zumba & Abs
Fridays 10am - 11am: Toning & Aerobics

People at any level, from beginner to advanced, are welcome

Please contact sister Iman on 07711312649 for further details.


Children’s Football Training is association with Lanarkshire Mosque, Well Foundation & Scottish Football Association.

Ravesncraig, Motherwell 7.15pm - 9pm, £3 per child


Girls Wed 7.30pm - 8.30pm at Lanarkshire Mosque.
Boys Sat 10am - 11am at Lanarkshire Mosque.


Womans Basketball:
Tuesdays 11.15am - 12.30pm at Wishaw Sports centre.


Lunch Club - OAP


We have a lunch club every Wednesday for the older generation in our
community from 12:30 pm. There is food, good company, catch up with friends as well as health education and much more. We would be very pleased to see you there so do not delay and come along this Wednesday.

If you require any further information contact Iman on 07711 312649

MBE for Mr Siddiquie

Ghulam Siddiquie MBE (sitting) with committee members and volunteers
A leading member of Lanarkshire’s Muslim community has been honoured with the MBE for his sterling work in creating racial harmony over more than 30 years.

Ghulam Siddiquie modestly claims the distinction belongs to the whole community, and particularly to the local councillors and volunteers who have devoted so much effort to making a success of the Lanarkshire Muslim Welfare Association.

It is a massive and ongoing project built (his colleagues and admirers insist) on the solid foundation of his drive and determination.

When Mr Siddiquie arrived in Britain to study medicine in the 60’s there was “literally nothing” for the local Muslim population in Lanarkshire.

The normal staples of life which everyone takes for granted - such as being able to get married locally in your own religion and, of course, the proper rites associated with a funeral - were absent.

He said: “Now if, for example, somebody has died their relative makes one phone call and everything is taken care of - everything.”

Despite his own fully absorbing career Mr Siddiquie started to build the fabric of the local community from the ground up, staging meetings in his own house for lack of any other suitable place to gather.

It was a far-sighted endeavour fraught with challenges, one which ultimately began to pay important social and cultural dividends to the upcoming new Muslim generation.

Mr Siddiquie arrived in Holytown in 1980, and ran a business there, while tirelessly setting in motion the means to effect real cultural change.

Now the magnificent Masjid in Mossend is the lynchpin of a well-organised and flourishing local Muslim society.

Committee members are at pains to point out that it is open to all, not just at the special open day staged in September, and that everyone is welcome.

Meanwhile there are clubs and organisations for both men and women to enjoy, and help services freely available.

Mr Siddiquie is hugely proud of the efforts of the local community in making it all happen - for example £3 million was made available for the creation of the mosque entirely from public donations.

However while for him his religion is paramount it has also been the cornerstone of an ever-growing cultural endeavour from which the entire wider community is reckoned set to benefit.

His award appears to have been long expected by members of the local Muslim community, but Mr Siddiquie himself says the Lord Lieutenant, Mushtaq Ahmad, has been instrumental in bringing it about. — with Ghulam Us Saqlain Siddiquie.

Lanarkshire Mosque awarded Queens Awards for Voluntry Services

Woman Islamic Classes

Curious about your faith? Thirsty for knowledge? Desire to seek the pleasure of Allah (Subhanahu wa ta’ala), but not sure how?


If yes, then this is the class for you! Enlighten your mind and be inspired. Meet like minded young women in a friendly spiritually uplifting environment.  Insha’allah the classes will cover:

Ø       Recitation of the Holy Qur’aan with Tajweed.

Ø       Study of the blessed Sunnah and Ahadith.

Ø       Seerah of the Prophet (peace be upon him).

Ø       Footsteps of the Sahabah (Radialluhu anhum).

Ø       Fiqh according to the Hanafi school of thought.

Ø       Contemporary topics(Relationships, Music, Drugs, etc).

Taught by qualified and experienced Aalimahs.

A much sought after class. Don’t shy away, register now!

Contact Mr. Ghulam S Siddiquie Tel:07946366652

Islamic Classes Adults

Evening Adults Quran Class - After Magribcontact Molana Abrar 07540 888331 for more details

Afternoon Quran classes - After Zohar - contact Mufti 07769 346845

Mon night Class - Cover all topics - Starting Nov 2016 - Contact Asif 07971 835282

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