Friday, 30th October, 2015 12:49 PM : Lanarkshire Mosque are proud winners of the Queens Award, the top award available to a voluntary organization

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We are open to visits, especially from Schools for educational purposes.
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8th Glasgow Int Islamic Comp

Lanarkshire Mosque were again winners of the 8th Glasgow International Islamic School Competition held on 15th March at Al-Mazeen.

Qira'at - 1st Ibrahim Mughal - Lanarkshire Mosque
          - 2nd Maryam Chisti -  Lanarkshire Muslim Womans Alliance
          - 3rd Mohammad Hamza Ahmad - Stirling Mosque

Speech - 1st Amina Shahzad - Al-Mazeen
           - 2nd Areeba Rumzan - Lanarkshire Mosque 
           - 3rd Yahya Chisti - Lanarkshire Muslim Womans Alliance

Group Nasheeds - 1st - Al-Mazeen
                        - 2nd - Lanarkshire Mosque
                        - 3rd Woodfarm Education Centre

Overall Winner - Lanarkshire Mosque

1st in Dundee Quran Comp

1st Dundee Qur'an Competition
Alhamdulillah, by the. Grace of almighty Allah, students at Lanarkshire Mosque won the Dundee Qur'an Competition yesterday. Hafiz Uwais Ahmed and Hafiz Idrees Mahmood came 1st and 3rd respectively in the first 5 para category. Out of 30 contestants in total, the students have made us proud once again and put Lanarkshire Mosque Maktab on the map.
Well done to all. May Allah accept the students, teachers and parents efforts. Ameen

Mosque App

Lanarkshire Mosque is in the latest MY MOSQUE App which can be downloaded, up to date Namaz & Jammat times, you will also get notified off any funerals, classes and anything thats happening in the area, also if your out it will direct you to the nearest Mosque.

Go to App store and look for MY MOSQUE we are under Central Mosque Lanarkshire

Plz download and Subscribe to Central Masjid Lanarkshire ASAP

Queens Volunary service award

Lanarkshire Mosque winners of Queens awards for voluntary service, another great award, this goes down to the amazing hard work our team put in everyday.



We are open for all five of the daily prayers. During the day, the main prayer hall can be used for reading the Quran and quiet contemplation.


Muslims turn to us for help and advice in every aspect of their lives. We have experienced imams to advise and counsel on bereavement, cultural challenges and matrimonial problems.


Education teaches us how to think, how to work and how to make decisions. It is a controlling grace to the young, consolation to the old, wealth to the poor and ornament to the rich. contact Molana Kurshad for more details 07894 033334


Family life is a building block of a successful society, and marriage is an occasion of great joy. We can perform religious marrages which are recognised by the law.


When you are at your lowest point, we can help you through it by picking up your loved one from the mortuary in one of our hearses, arranging a grave, washing the body and providing transportation to the cemetery. The cost is kept as low as possible by our use of volunteers rather than paid staff. Telephone us on 01698 730650 to be guided through the process following a sudden death. If you have been given more time to prepare.

Azan transmitors

We transmit the call to prayer, congregational prayers and lectures via UHF radio signals on 454.40625 MHz. You can buy a radio receiver from us for £100, which will be pre-programmed with the transmission frequencies of all mosques in Glasgow which offer a similar service.

Adult Classes

Lanarkshire Mosque offer Male & Female eductation religious classes to Adults please contact Mufti Abid Rehman for more details 07769 346845

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Timetable now live

Lanarkshire Mosque namaz timetable is up in the Timetable section.

Nikah information

Lanarkshire Mosque's Imams are officaly recognised by the registrar office Edinburgh to perform Muslim Nikah Cermony in the Mosque.

Any Muslim couple who are getting married does not have to go to registry office for Wedding Ceremony. They only have to fill the necessary papers at least two weeks  prior to Nikkah in the registry office and must inform the Mosque Committee.

Further information can be obtained from Mr ghulam S Siddiquie  tel 07946366652 email

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